Hello! Welcome to my site! I am happy you are here. Let me introduce myself. This is me:


What do I do?

I make book covers for self-published writers. 

I solve difficult visual problems.

I illustrate anything you can imagine. 


Why do I do it?

I love working with writers and other creatives. I enjoy brainstorming and helping people see their ideas come to life visually. I love creating marketable designs that make me and my clients money.


What is my experience?

I have been working as a full-time professional artist for 6 years. For the past 4 years, I have focussed on book cover design but I have also worked on plenty of board games and a few video games.

In the world of book cover design, I have worked with over 175 writers on more than 400 covers. I have worked with plenty of best-selling authors including Michael Anderle, Steven Erikson, B.V. Larson, Ken Lozito, Glynn Stewart, Lindsay Buroker, Nick Webb, Dennis Taylor, Sarah J. Maas, Martha Carr, Ell Leigh Clarke, JN Chaney, Craig Martelle, many books with my covers have reached the top 100 paid in the Amazon Store. Though the amazon store is always changing, I generally have 10 or so clients on the top 100 authors list in sci-fi/fantasy and 10 or so of the top 100 books in those categories. In more traditional publishing, I have worked with Bloomsbury, Audible, and Promontory publishing.

I very often work with new writers, and I enjoy helping them through the process of cover design. I love talking about their projects, and I often am able to help out by sharing my knowledge of marketing and self-publishing that I have gained over the years in the industry.

In the world of games, I have worked on Edge of Darkness, Monstrous, DinoGenics, Gardens of Babylon, Doomtown: Reloaded, Cobras, Patriot, The Sinister Stone of Sakkara, Godbound, Fallen, Rhune, SettleForge, Belly of the Beast, Coin & Crown, Hunt the Wicked, Cyphercaster Magazine, Shattered, Krendel, and Desolation of Dragons. I have worked with Fantasy Flight Games, Pelgrane Press, Alderac Entertainment Group, and Logic Artists as a concept artist & illustrator.


Am I the right person for your project?

Maybe, and maybe not! Feel free to request a proposal with the red button, or send me an email at jeff@jeffbrowngraphics.com and we can talk about your project through email or on a phone call. I am happy to give advice or hear your ideas. If I’m not the right person for the project, I will be more than happy to recommend you to one of my contacts.


Where am I?

Cuernavaca, Mexico! The city of eternal springtime, just an hour south of Mexico city. 

I am originally from Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Yes, it is very very different! I love having a palm tree right outside my office window, and it is green all year! Crazy!

I now speak fluent spanish and have become a proficient Mexican food consumer.


My Family

I moved here 5 years ago and married my absolutely stunningly gorgeous wife, Sara. Together, we created my best piece of artwork, Jacob! I know everyone says that they have the cutest kid… but just look at him!!


How did I get into this field?

I have been creating art since I could hold a pencil or paintbrush. As I child (usually with some help) I would write and illustrate books, such as “The friendly sea-monster”. At 12 years old, I was obsessed with drawing fantasy characters, dragons, and castles. I loved reading Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms. At 14, I bought my first graphics tablet and learned photoshop. Throughout high school, I worked on a few side jobs as a graphic designer and illustrator, which gave me some great experience working with clients. In 2013, I started working full time illustrating for RPG and board games. In 2015, book cover clients found out about me and I began working mainly in that field.


Get in contact!

Feel free to send me a message through my “request proposal” button or my email at jeff@jeffbrowngraphics.com, even if it is just to say hello! I look forward to meeting you.

Interested In Working On A Project?


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