JeffBrownJeff Brown is a professional freelance artist from Saskatoon, SK, Canada, living in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Having worked as a professional in this industry for four years, he has worked on many projects including book covers, video games, and board games. His first language is English but he also speaks fluent Spanish.

In the world of book cover design & illustration, he has worked with over 90 authors on more than 250 covers. He has created the covers on best-selling books for authors including Michael Anderle, Nick Webb, Glynn Stewart, Dennis Taylor, Alec Huston, Justin Sloan, A.C. Hadfield, Martha Carr, Timothy W. Long, Michael Chatfield, Aeryn Leigh, Michelle Diener, Evan Pickering, Elle Casey, Craig Martelle, Susan Illene, Ell Leigh Clarke, JN Chaney, Sarah Noffke, Matt Ryan, Travis Hill, Davis Ashura, Evan Pickering, Krista Walsh, Mark Cooper, Greg Chase, Frank Tayell, and Ken Lozito. Many of his covers have reached the top 100 paid in the Amazon Store.

In the world of games, he has worked for many projects such as Monstrous, Godbound, Patriot, SettleForge, Belly of the Beast, Hunt the Wicked, Rhune, The Sinister Stone of Sakkara, Cyphercaster Magazine, Shattered, Krendel, and over 50 other undisclosed projects. He has worked for companies such as Fantasy Flight Games, Pelgrane Press, and Logic Artists as a concept artist & illustrator.

He is currently available for freelance work, and long term projects working from home.

Why Digital Art?

As a child, I would create plasticine models of dragons, build castles out of popsicle sticks, and draw eyeballs all over the edges of my school notes. I would read books just to visit beautiful landscapes in my mind, and to see spectacular events unfold.

In 2007, I bought my first graphics tablet and opened Photoshop for the first time. It was a terrible failure. In the years following, I mastered Photoshop and delved into learning to be a digital painter.

While starting out painting characters and creatures, I soon discovered my greatest passion: environments and landscapes. Through digital painting, I would explore giant castles, historical cities, deep space, and any and every world I could imagine.

One of my earlier attempts at digital environment painting, October 2010



Painting of ancient Mesopotamia, May 2013.

While learning, I began looking for small jobs as an artist and graphic designer. I found that I deeply enjoyed bringing other people’s visions and ideas to life as much as I did making my own.

In 2013, I began working as a full time freelance artist. Since then, I have worked with over 175 clients to bring their visions to life through digital art. I have grown substantially in my craft as an artist, and in my ability to work with all kinds of people.

Professional Artwork from 2016

Professional Artwork from 2016

Who am I?

Being an artist is only a part of who I am.

I’m also and more importantly a Christian, a husband, and a new father.

With Kids

Spending time with the kids in Mexico City.


Local Church Group

I bet you won’t find me in this picture!

In 2011 I visited Mexico City on a 1 week trip to visit a local church and get to know some of the amazing things that were happening there. I was able to spend time with children who sold artisan crafts on the streets, talk with university students, and get to know wonderful people.

A year later, I moved there to see what I could do to participate. I spent one of the most life changing and crazy years of my life there and while doing so learned to speak fluent Spanish.

Returning to my home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, I began my work as an artist. I couldn’t stay away from Mexico for long though and returning in 2014, I met the love of my life and my now wife, Sarai.



With Sarai

In August of 2014, I proposed to her and she said yes!

Wedding Picture

7 months later we were married.


And we are happy to have little Jacob Brown in our lives, born in May of 2016.


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