How I work

I love working with clients, I enjoy the process of creating a cover that is perfect for my clients’ needs. My goal is always for everyone to come away happy from the experience.

I work in a very back-and-forth manner to get the best possible result. I like to start with a Skype call to get to know my clients, and I share my screen while I sketch out the ideas that we discuss right on the spot.

By the end of the call, I generally have a sketch at this level. During this call, we discussed all of the concepts in his book, which did not fall into a simple genre. There were RPG elements, video game elements, a battle between good and evil, and computer programming in the story.

After the skype call, I generally take a week or so to work on the image to a higher level, so that everything is clear and represented though not fully detailed. The end up looking something like this

After a few hours of detailing, I sent him this image, which he liked and requested a few minor changes.

Working back and forth, we talked through the pros and cons of his suggestions and went with a few while staying away from others.

After a quick round of changes, we had the final cover design.

Since the client had requested the full package including a 3x wide cover design, I was able to create a range of helpful marketing images along with the print cover.

Promo Banner
3D mockup
Audiobook Cover

After completing the project, Patrick left this review:

Jeff, at the first glance, is significantly more expensive than his peers who were offering their services. But his passion for his client’s work and his amazing skills justified the price. He is also providing advice outside of his main area of competence – for me he had some hints on self-publishing which gave me new ideas. Invaluable is also that he goes through feedback cycles with your work until you are happy. 
Great collaboration and great result which you can see here –

Patrick Pissang, Dec 29, 2018