One of the many difficult things working with creatives is sticking to a process and keeping on schedule. I have been creating artwork for years and have found that being punctual and giving frequent updates works best. I am very flexible and am open to working in new and different ways, but I have had a lot of success hitting deadlines with quality artwork using this process.

1. Request is sent to Jeff Brown Graphics

You can send the request on this website or you can directly contact me at

2. Discovery Call Set Up

I am very flexible and can meet on any platform you need. Here are some of the ones I have used in the past: Skype, Google Hangouts, Phone Call, etc. This can also be done on email if preferred.

On the Discovery call we will:

  • Get to know you and introduce myself
  • Scope out project
    • Book cover, Board game cover, Board game manual, etc.
  • Timeline
  • Feature Requests
    • Specific feel or look you are wanting

A $50 deposit is required before any artwork is started

Payments can be sent via Paypal to

3. Initial Sketch and Draft

Once the first sketch is made the piece will be sent to the client. Clients can reach back out with thoughts through email or skype/phone call.

Please refer to the pricing page to see how many sketches and revisions you get for your project.

4. Digital Painting and Rendering

Once the sketch is approved, the final painting process will begin. At this stage revisions are harder to make and while small simple revisions can be made any larger changes will have to be billed. All revisions will be approved by the client before Jeff makes the changes.

Please refer to the FAQs on the pricing page for the additional charges.

5. Finalize and Master

The finalized art piece will be sent to client for review. Any final minor changes can be made, but if there are any major changes there will be an additional charge.

Please refer to the FAQs on the pricing page for the additional charges.

Payment and Final Image

All progress images are medium resolution files. Once the file payment is delivered, you will be sent the full resolution file in png, or any other format requested.

Payments can be sent via Paypal to

Interested In Working On A Project?

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