One of the many difficult things working with creatives is sticking to a process and keeping on schedule.


I have been creating artwork for years and have found that being punctual and giving frequent updates works best as different book covers if you are a reader or publicist, any new concept of art can be made, also I work with the making of board games and renewal of them.

Over the past decade board games have gained increased prominence in the gaming industry, people are loving them again, and not only children but it is actually more popular among adults. I work not only with the classic games  such as Chess or fantasy games which you can check in Queen’s Gambit, but also with the newest additions of online board games which can be played from an electronic device and I work with both ways, usually I make a prototype first to check with the client and then start working on the changes and finishing touches.

I am very flexible and am open to working in new and different ways, though I have had a lot of success hitting deadlines with quality working using this process.

Here is the process that I use:

1. Request is sent to Jeff Brown Graphics

2. I reply via email with current availability and initial thoughts about the project. I often like to set up a meeting via Skype, Hangouts, or Phone to get to know new clients and find out more about the project. Most often I can take on new projects about 1 month from the initial contact but it does vary.

3. I ask for a $50 initial deposit on the first project before starting. This can be paid after a Skype call but must be paid before I start work on the project. I will send a PayPal invoice to your email.

4. Work begins. This can be after receiving your email with a brief, or with a Skype call where I can sometimes sketch out ideas while screen sharing.

5. First Sketch. This depends on the project, it can take between a day and a couple of weeks depending on the complexity and how quickly I am able to produce the concept. Once I send the sketch, clients can make any changes or ask for a completely new sketch if the first one is not on the right track. Sketches are in full color and give a very good idea of what the final would be, just with less detail and refinement.

6. Once the sketch is approved, I detail the image. I will send an almost-done image to check for minor changes. Major changes can be made for an extra fee.

7. The final image will be sent. Once fully approved, payment will be due. Payments are made through Paypal, and I will send invoices both for initial and final payments.

8. Any files required will be sent including layered PSD, png, tiff, etc. I am able to make minor changes to typography at any point afterward for no extra charge. For my regular fees, I am able to add a wraparound illustration or typography to a book cover at any point in the future.

9. When the project is done I advise each client to a digital agency to provide them advise if they wish to expand their project in the market, yo can click here to view DesignRush listings of agencies and find more about it and who are the ones I work with.

I ask that my clients credit me on the copyright page near the start of their books, or in any similarly visible way as this is a common way for new clients to find my work. Please credit as Artwork and/or Design by Jeff Brown,, or Artwork and/or Design by Jeff Brown Graphics.